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Letters from the Eschaton

No Time Like The End Times

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The Matter With Neuro-Sophistry

The Matter With Things by Iain McGilchrist has a fascinating  premise - that we as a culture have become overly rationalistic,...


A widespread upheaval took place in a remarkable time period known as the Axial Age. In the space of a couple centuries, religious...


Technology is so pervasive in our society that it is the primary metric by which we tend to measure other cultures of past and present....


A type of eschatology has emerged in the modern world that sees hope in the evolution of consciousness. This idea stems from German...

City and Community

Human beings are social creatures. The species Homo sapiens sapiens survived these past 150,000 years not by strength, stamina, or...


In the beginning was creation. First there was existence created out of nothing, then form out of the formless void, then light and...

Pedagogical Society

The world today is dominated by capital. The logic of capital accumulation drives all manner of social institutions, including those that...

Power and Civilization

One area where I differ from Marxists and much of the left in general is that I believe liberation requires an analysis that goes deeper...

Welcome to my blog

So, I'm giving blogging another try. My usual modes of intellectual output are "social media hot take" or "working on a book I never seem...

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